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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA JUSTICE COUNTY OF IN THE GENERAL DISTRICT COURT OF DISTRICT COURT DIVISION FILE NO. CVD , ) Plaintiff ) ) v. ) ) , ) Defendant ) ) The Plaintiff, complaining of the Defendant,
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Who needs Complaint for Divorce?

Divorce is a serious decision which is associated with much paperwork. To get the process going both parties must be aware of certain procedures. According to U.S. laws a divorce starts with formal, written petition or as it is called Complaint for Divorce. It is filled out by one spouse referred to as plaintiff and is sent to the other party referred to as defendant.

What is Complaint for Divorce for?

The main purpose of the Divorce Complaint is to initiate the divorce. With this document a plaintiff alleges the ground for marriage termination. The reasons for such decision include adultery, desertion, cruelty, irreconcilable differences, imprisonment, etc. In some states the court won’t grant the divorce without some specific grounds for it.

Is Complaint for Divorce accompanied by other forms?

Make two copies of the Complaint for Divorce and send one to the court. Petition must also include summons. This is a legal document served to the party to notify that official divorce process has begun. Once a defendant gets the summons they no longer can dispose of the marital property.

When is Complaint for Divorce due?

Once a spouse was served with Complaint for Divorce, they have 30 days to respond. If a spouse fails to submit the response to the court by the date defined in the petition, they lose an opportunity to challenge the allegations. If so a plaintiff can easily win the case and get what is desired.

How do I fill out Complaint for Divorce?

Standard Complaint for Divorce includes the following information:

  • Plaintiffs and defendant’s name and address
  • Name of the children, their age
  • Date when marriage was contracted

Depending on the state, the contents of the petition may vary. It should also include what the filing party wants to get. It may be child support, spousal support, division of assets, etc.

Where do I send Complaint for Divorce?

Complaint for Divorce is sent to the spouse and to the court.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing divorce in nc
Instructions and Help about complaint divorce nc form
Hi this is how file for divorce org and we're going to show you how to file for divorce in the state of North Carolina so what you want to do is come right to this webpage and we'll get right into it it's step one there are two ways to download the required divorce papers now you can download our blank ones that we have for free just click on this link on option a and we'll bring you to a page that has a zip file you just click on this link right here click here to download package and obviously you know the click this or go back and get right back to the instructions now you can go option B there are a lot of forms and if you feel a little bit overwhelmed you can just have this professional service to them for you although they do charge $2.99 but they guarantee that the papers will be filled in correctly now it's up to the person that has decided to file for divorce let's fill out the following forms make four copies and submit to the North Carolina circuit court clerk's office now you have to basically fill in and complete these four forms and shoot while you're at the clerk's office be sure to fill out an assignment card from the clerk step 3 you should have at least one y'all copy of the summons form and that you receive from the clerk take that along with the complaint for divorce as well as the acceptance of service now you need to use a new form here that you're gonna have to fill or have your spouse fill out and either send or hand deliver these forms to your spouse so step 4 this is where we talked about the acceptance and service form you will need to get a signed copy and original and that accepting the service and attach it to the summons and be sure to handwrite on the back defendant received an accepted service on and put the date take both these forms and file with the clerk's office so step 5 now this is probably the most important step it's where you're going to be going over this important form now the separation property settlement agreement is where you're going to be negotiating all the ass if there's any debts all the debts and also if you have children it's going to be talking about what's the child support going to be who's gonna get what custody so this is really the heart of the divorce right here so if you can just get through this it's pretty easy the rest of the way because once you fill out all these forms and you meet together you just go to the clerk's office and you get a court hearing date from the clerk by filing a motion for summary judgment now while still Clark's office you're gonna have to write in your court hearing date and the notice of hearing for file it with the court get copies of forms and then that's when you're going to notify your spouse of the court hearing date by setting I'm certified mint with return receipt to make sure that they get the it's very important that they get this or at the very least know of the hearing date so as long as the both of you go to your hearing date with all your...